Mixed olives (v)£3.00
Carrot hummus (v)£3.00
Chilli nuts£3.00
Homemade bread, whipped butter£3.00
Daily soup, homemade bread (v)£5.50
Asparagus, poached egg, hollandaise (v)£7.00
Smoked salmon, horseradish cream cheese, rocket, bread£7.00
Salt & pepper chicken wings, spicy mayonnaise£6.50
Chicken breast, potato gratin, carrots, red wine sauce£14.50
Salmon fillet, gnocchi, mangetout, spinach£14.50
Bacon chop, potato rosti, greens, fried egg£14.50
Celeriac steak, home cut chips, rocket (v)£11.50
From the grill(all served with fries & salad)
Charred steak burger, tomato relish£12.50
Bacon chop, fried egg£13.50
Mushroom burger (v)£11.50
Salmon, tartare sauce£13.50
Chicken breast, herb butter£13.50
Sirlion steak, peppercorn butter£20.00
Hand cut chips£2.50Greens£2.50
Mixed salad£2.50Skinny fries£2.50
Seasonal vegetables£2.50Coleslaw£2.50

If you have any allergies and intolerance, please speak to us if you require information about our ingredients.